Australia proves, once again, why it's the most dangerous country on the planet!

This plant, the gympie-gympie, sounds terrifying. After actually seeing what it does to the host of this show, I don't want ANY part of it!

As he says in the video, these things are so poisonous that they can still inflict pain on you even when it's just a dried up old leaf that was picked...nearly 100 years before!!!

They tiny little needle like hairs can stay in your skin for up to a year, and every time you hit the infected area, you'll feel the reactions all over again. What do those reactions include?

It starts with an intense burning sensation, which grows over the next half an hour. A short while later, your joints may start to ache. That's followed by swelling in your arm pits. In severe cases, this can lead to shock, or death!

Now, watch this crazy SOB go ahead and touch this horror of a plant!

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