Hellyeah recently garnered some attention for the powerful lyric video for "Hush," and now the song is getting even more of a visual representation with the official video arriving online.

In the clip above, you see what appears to be a family posing for a portrait, but eventually things turn violent as the father shoves the mother against the wall and smacks her around a bit before cleaning her lip to pose for the picture. Meanwhile, the band members perform the song as video from home movies and a fire wash over them.

Hellyeah frontman Chad Gray, who grew up in a home where domestic violence was an issue, penned the track and joined with the band recently in releasing it during No More Week, a movement designed to bring attention to help stop sexual assault and domestic violence.

Gray tells Billboard, who premiered the video, "There's something very empowering about the realization and recognition of where you are in life, even in the darkest of times. It's human nature to adapt and overcome, or at least find comfort on some level. Isolation is just that: uncomfortable. But considering the alternative, isolation becomes a womb or safe place. I lived that existence, and music got me through those dark times. It saved my life."

He adds, "No matter how cold and lonely it felt, there was a voice speaking to me, and that voice was music. When I listened to music, I interpreted the artists’ message however I deemed it applicable to my life and surroundings, which is why I write lyrics that are open-ended. I want to build relationships with people, and in order to do that I have to be vulnerable and honest with them. Strong relationships are built with trust and honesty. No one will ever open up to you if you don't confide something in them. I think the mantra of this song is no matter how alone you may feel, you’re not alone. But it's up to you to speak out and expose your situation. If you let people know and let them in, you’re not alone.”

The band is taking their message a step further, launching an Indiegogo campaign today at 3PM ET. The campaign will raise funds for the A Call to Men violence-prevention initiative that aims to "shift societal norms that negatively impact our culture and promote a more healthy and respectful definition of manhood." The band is hoping to raise $10,000 by offering band-related items.

Look for Hellyeah back out on tour this spring in support of their Blood for Blood album. And they've just been announced as participants in the 2015 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem festival this summer. See all their dates here.

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