His name is Conway, and he seems really awesome.

My friend Julie Williams posted a picture of a dog that was found, but was just too lovable to bring to a shelter. Her and her boyfriend, Jim, decided to adopt him, and nurse him back to health.

Conway is an Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix.


The picture is kind of one of those that you see more about it the more you look at it. The Chihuahua in him is obvious. Then you see his hind legs. Then you start to wonder what this dog looks like when he stands up!

Well, we've got video of him TRYING to roll over. It turns out, his hind legs are too long for him to do so!

I asked Julie to tell me a little about Conway. Here's what she had to say about him.

He burrows under the covers at all times. We have to be careful about stepping on lumps of clothing cause he might be under them. He runs like a baby giraffe... it's not graceful. He roars like a french bull dog when we get home while spinning, and sometimes falling down. He has a spot behind his ears that, if rubbed, immediately paralyzes him with a sweetness and makes him fall asleep, no matter how pumped he was to play a minute before. He was found roaming the street and is severely under weight, and was probably mistreated, but I've never seen a dog love so unconditionally, this quick!

Conway is pretty awesome.

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