The electric toothbrush made the brushing of teeth a little easier. You didn't have to move your arm/hand as much cause it vibrated, and moved the bristles for you. What if you didn't have to move your arm or hand at all?

Introducing Amabrush, the hands free toothbrush!

It's basically a mouth piece with bristles all around it, designed to brush all sides of your teeth. It connects to the vibrating device that holds the toothpaste, and activates at the push of a button.

Here's the best part. The whole toothbrushing experience only lasts 10 seconds! And you'll have perfectly clean teeth!

Here's one thing of note, it's still in the patent pending stage, so we won't see it on shelves in the very near future. They did start a Kickstarter campaign to help move the process along. They've received over A MILLION DOLLARS for their $57,000 goal!

Check out the Amabrush in action!

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