Jean Shepherd, who wrote A Christmas Story, grew up in Hammond, Indiana, and the fictional town in the movie, Hohman, is based on Hammond. This is the reason that they've decided to commemorate the movie and an AWESOME Triple Dog Dare statue! Keep reading to see the statue, what the actor who played Flick had to say and more!

Here's what Scott Schwartz (the actor who played Flick and gets his tongue stuck to the pole during the infamous scene) had to say, from Inquisitr:

“This is surreal,” he said of the unveiling. “It’s awesome.”


Schwartz posed for photos with the statue created by the studio Rotblatt-Amrany, which also sculpted the Michael Jordan statue that stands outside of the United Center.


“Being statued, being formed by the same guy who did the one for Jordan, it’s like now I’ve got to send these down to Michael … because I’m friends with him. I’m going to send this down to him and his brother in Charlotte, and go ‘Check this out!’ This is just so cool,” Schwartz said.


Schwartz also said that the pole used in the film was plastic, so there was never any risk of his tongue getting stuck. There was, however, a hole in it that he stuck his tongue into.


Here's the scene!

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