We all find different ways to express our love of movies. Kenny Caperton loved the original John Carpenter Halloween so much that he built an exact replica of the house from the film. You can read all about it, and see pictures of his impressive and slightly terrifying creation, at his official website. And now, if you want (and dare) you could even live in this place.

On the house’s Facebook page, the following notice was recently posted:

Male or female inquiries welcome! A bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom! 30 minutes from downtown Durham! The chance to relive nightmarish fictional murders day after day! The opportunity to prank potential lovers when they show up for a date and you live in the Michael Myers house from Halloween and you’re standing on the stoop waiting for them in a mask and jumpsuit and John Carpenter’s score is playing!

I’m sure Mr. Caperton is a lovely man. And I think his dedication to Halloween is truly incredible; from the pictures, it looks like he did an amazing job creating his Myers house. (I don’t begrudge him adding bathrooms either, I would have done the same.) But I can’t help but think this sounds like the amazing premise for a horror movie: Mega-fan lures in unsuspecting victims by creating enduring tribute to classic horror film and inviting people to live with him in it. Heck with all the talk of a new Halloween, this could be the concept for that reboot.

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