The release of Halestorm’s “The Strange Case of…” is inching closer and closer, and when the set arrives on April 10, singer Lzzy Hale says to expect something unlike anything that Halestorm have spit out before. Speaking with the Pulse of Radio (via Blabbermouth), Hale explained that fans are “going to be hearing and tasting a lot of different sides of Halestorm” on the album.

“On our last record, we were trying really hard to make sure everything is consistent, that there was a theme, everything was on 10,” she says. “With this new one, we just kind of let it be what it was going to be… this record is a lot more human than the last record. I decided to be brave on this record and go to all extremes.”

Hale explained that the band divided the writing process for the album into two very separate pieces. “We went into it right off the road, so the first half of the record that we wrote was very… we were writing some of the most aggressive songs that we’ve ever written, I’m screaming my head off, you know,” says Lzzy. “And then halfway through, started writing some of the most personal songs that, you know, we’ve ever written, and some things that I’ve never talked about before, and it’s interesting — there’s two definite sides and very real sides to what we do and who I am.”

As for Hale’s inspiration on the album, that’s easy; the fans. “With this record, we had just a better concept of our fans and a lot of what we did was inspired by them and the feeling that we got during our live shows,” she said.

Halestorm are booked for the 2012 Mass Chaos tour, alongside Staind and Godsmack. Find a full list of tour dates, here.

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