There was once a time in these United States when not every home had a microwave oven. We called those dark ages, the 1970s. Well at least at my house we had no microwave oven so we didn't have the convenience of thawing meat in a matter of moments or making butter soft so you could spread it on your bread without ripping the bread to pieces. 

Rumble Viral via YouTube
Rumble Viral via YouTube

The spreading of cold butter on bread is an issue. Even if that bread has been warmed and toasted if the butter has not had a chance to get close to room temperature, you're going to have a problem when you try and spread it. Sure, you could opt for "whipped butter" or "butterlike" substances but whipped butter means you're spending money on air and butterlike substances are just gross.

Still, what good is the Real McCoy or real butter if it's ripping my fancy Dave's Bread all to heck and back? Y'all knew Dave of Dave's Bread really went to jail, right?

But we digress, so how do you soften the butter so you can spread the butter without taking a lot of extra time to melt or soften the butter in a pan or microwave? Let us go to the instant reference resource that is Tik Tok.

Y'all see what Tik Tok User @krisslovesfood did? He used his manual cheese grater to grate of the butter he needed. The grating process not only warms up the butter just a bit but it makes the smaller ribbons of the butter easier to spread. And, if you're spreading those grated ribbons over warm bread it will spread easier than a rumor about a Garth Brooks concert.

They also make "grater knives" which allow you to do a similar thing with butter and or cheese should not want to bring out the big grater to get the job done. As for me, I usually just make my toast in a frying pan with butter anyway. I guess that became my default after ripping up so many different slices of fresh Evangeline Maid.

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