This video of a guy picking up his girlfriend at UL is getting a lot of attention on Facebook.

Zach Doell posted this video of him picking up his girlfriend, Brianna, every day at UL, but its what he picks her up in that has the internet reacting.

Not only did Zach put sticks on his car one day when it came time to pick up Brianna, he also showed up on campus one day in a cab and even in the Oscar Mayer vehicle!!

While she seems to be a good sport here, deep down I'm sure Brianna is like, "Not again."

This is GREAT!! What a sense of humor by Zach. However, put yourself in his girlfriend's shoes, you'd never know what to expect when it comes time to leaving campus.

Nice work!

UPDATE: We caught up with the couple for an interview and even had a chance to be a part of Brianna's revenge on Zach. Check it out here.

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