They knew he was sitting near them, but when they took the picture, they weren't expecting this photobomb.

Reddit user Learn2LikeIt claims that he was at the Super Bowl with his dad and friends. When his friends stood up to take a selfie, he decided to photobomb their picture, giving the mean look to their right. When they later looked at the picture, there's Steven Tyler giving a nice bird finger!


He said that Tyler was sitting right behind he and his dad. He declined a selfie, and later stood up to do this.

After taking the photo, he leaned over to his friend and said, "hey man, I photobombed you." When they looked at the picture, they saw Steven Tyler in the background. So, they turned around to look at him, and he flipped them off again.

He claims that Tyler was very cool. He chatted with them, gave high fives, but didn't want his picture taken.

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