A guy known as TheBoxOfficeArtist does some pretty incredible artwork...until he takes these challenges.

For this particular challenge he drew Iron Man from Avengers: Infinity War. The challenge is pretty self explanatory. The first image he has 10 minutes to draw, the second he has one minute, and the last he has 10 seconds.

Honestly, even in 10 minutes, he draws a damn fine Iron Man. Now, the images only get worse from there, but it's still pretty fun to watch it all go down.

As the very first comment says, "My 1 hour drawing would look like your 10 second drawing". That's probably a good gauge for most people's drawings.

That being said, this dude is good at what he does, and he lets viewers in on how he does things, which can be quite fun. He obviously has a lot of fun with it too.

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