After weeks of uncertainty about future events at Lafayette's Heymann Performing Arts Center, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory has made a major announcement on the future of the venue. Today on KPEL's The Ross Report, Guillory said Lafayette Consolidated Government will waive rental fees of up to $5,000 per studio for previously-scheduled dance recitals. It will also waive fees for the additional rental days needed due to capacity limitations. Guillory says there are 21 events planned in the coming weeks.

Director of Community Development Hollis Conway has been central in the conversation about funding for the Heymann Performing Arts Center. Guillory also said he is open to tapping into CREATE funding to help subsidize the cost of operating the venue. He says time was a factor and the 'bureaucratic red tape' of reallocating those funds would have taken too long.

In recent days, individuals have petitioned Lafayette Consolidated Government to open the facility for locally-produced dance recitals and other events. Last week, Guillory announced some exceptions that would include, among other things, a requirement that private groups provide staffing.

The Heymann Performing Arts is owned and operated by Lafayette Consolidate Government.

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