Because Rockstar Games wants to show you how much it loves you, it's releasing a Valentine's Day Massacre Special update for Grand Theft Auto 5's GTA Online.

The Rockstar Newswire featured the announcement that the Valentine's Day Massacre Special will be the latest free update to GTA Online and will go live on Friday. The update will bring a number of changes, such as new weapons, a new vehicle, new clothes for your character and 10 new jobs to undertake.

The new weapon is called the Gusenberg Sweeper and looks like an old-fashioned Tommy Gun. The new ride is called the Albany Roosevelt and looks straight out of the 1920s. Pimp around in style with new attire, such as double-breasted suits for the dudes and 1920s flapper dresses for the ladies. You'll all be a bunch of crazy guys and dolls with your new getups. Finally, you can take part in 10 new Jobs, some of which include new Deathmatches, a new Parachute Jump and even more Races.

As if you couldn't tell, a lot of this content will make you look like a pretty bad-ass gangster from the Depression Era. This is sort of fitting, since Valentine's Day is a great time to be depressed and looking awesome in GTA Online. The Valentine's Day Massacre Special content will be available for a limited time, so grab them while you can.

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