Grouse Room owner Matt Chaisson is looking to bring the party downtown.

News of the move went public earlier this week confirming rumors that Chaisson would be moving into the old Keith's Ballroom space at 417 Jefferson Street. Nothing will change about the look and feel of the popular venue that has been located in Parc Lafayette on Kaliste Saloom since opening, but now Chaisson will have more room to play with—10,000 ft. to be exact.

Chaisson says the larger space will allow him to host larger touring acts and bigger crowds for local and regional talent that his venue is known for. The decision to move downtown comes on the heels of other businesses opening in the area, like next-door neighbors Central Pizza and Tula Tacos along with restaurants like Luna, Vestal and others who are set to open later in 2020.

The inspiration behind the Grouse Room also has close ties to the downtown area, so that was another reason that it felt right for Chaisson to make the move.

The Grouse Room is a tribute to my older brother, who passed away. He was a real big downtown guy, lived above Teche Drugs for a number of years. So it makes a lot of sense that we would end up there.

As far as a target opening date goes, Chaisson is aiming to be open in time for Festival International, but we'll keep you updated on their progress as cosmetic improvements and a patio space facing Parc International are in order.

In the meantime, check out more details in the full story from The Advocate.

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