The Contortionist hit the stage this past Thursday night at the House of Blues New Orleans. The Indianapolis, IN based progressive metal band was on The Stories We Tell Ourselves tour with Nothing More.

The band played songs from their 2014 album 'Language' and their latest work, 2017's 'Clairvoyant', which is my top album of 2017.

Cameron Maynard - Photo by Tyson Pate, The Grindhouse

The band started with 'Godspeed', the 2nd track from 'Clairvoyant'. Guitarists Robby Baca and Cameron Maynard shine on this track as it has some great lead work in it.

Robby Baca - Photo by Tyson Pate, The Grindhouse

Next were the single 'Reimagined', which bassist Jordan Eberhardt makes the place rumble, and the title track 'Clairvoyant', which is my favorite track of the album, particularly because of that dream-state like bridge.

Jordan Eberhardt - Photo by Tyson Pate, The Grindhouse
Eric Guenther - Photo by Tyson Pate, The Grindhouse

Next two were 'Absolve' where vocalist Michael Lessard and drummer Johnny Concannon (filling in on tour for drummer Joey Baca) give their most powerful performances and 'Return To Earth', another single where Lessard's vocals and synthesizer from Eric Guenther bring a haunting vibe to an already haunted city.

Johnny Concannon - Photo by Tyson Pate, The Grindhouse
Michael Lessard - Photo by Tyson Pate, The Grindhouse

Last two songs were the two parts of the title track from 2014's 'Language'. 'Part I: Intuition' the more mellow-vibe with that indistinguishable delay on the guitars and 'Part II: Conspire', the only song of the night with harsh vocals.

As always, The Contortionist delivers when they perform live. Be sure to go check them out on their upcoming tour with Silent Planet, Skyharbor and Strawberry Girls. The show will be hitting Dallas, TX on March 17th at the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill.