On tonight's edition of The Grindhouse, we had local bands Arbre Mort join us in studio to premiere some new tunes, also the guys in Omega Faction were hanging out also. We also played new music from Testament, Meshuggah and much more!

Here is tonight's playlist in full:

Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake

Crowbar - Falling While Rising

Arbre Mort - Mass Medium

Meshuggah - Born In Dissonance

In Flames - The End

Jason Richardson - Chapter II featuring Jeff Loomis

Arbre Mort - Blood Of Kings

Darkthrone - Tundra Leech

Beyond Threshold - Live To Fight

DangerAngel - To Kill A Saint

Heaven Shall Burn - Bring The War Home

Dark Tranquility - The Pitiless

Arbre Mort - Asunder

Overkill - Our Finest Hour

Toxic Shock - Holy Mission

Watts - The Black Heart of Rock n Roll

Kai Hansen - Born Free

SikTh - Philistine Philosophies

Attila - Bulletproof

Avatar - Night Never Ending

Between The Buried And Me - The Coma Machine



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