He's a mean one...but he's also a funny one.

Grinchmas has returned to Universal Studios in Florida. After gaining massive popularity through videos last year, he returns this year with his own TikTok account.

Via: Universal Studios Florida
Via: Universal Studios Florida

The Grinch, along with his partner-in-crime Max, and the entire city of Whoville returns for the holiday season down in Florida, and they're bringing the Christmas spirit...well, sorta.

Last year, GrinchTok blew up because one of their actors playing The Grinch is an almost identical copy of Jim Carrey's version. The voice, the attitude, the walk, and of course, the excited screams.

If you plan on visiting Universal Studios this holiday season, you can stop by Whoville, grab a picture with the big green man himself, and he is always open to any conversation. You just might want to remember: his sarcasm is on another level.

If you're on TikTok, the laughs will be plenty if you follow The Grinch (@theuniversalgrinch) -- he didn't have an account last year, but once the overwhelming popularity of encounters with The Grinch, it just had to be done.

His interactions with kids are just as funny. This TikTok is with a little girl, who is clearly a fan, and he sets her straight on his hugging policy, or lack thereof.


We all know the Grinch is a simple man. He likes his onions, his trash, his dog, and the Christmas spirit in the SMALLEST of doses. He doesn't have time for those major labels and flashy outfits.

This actor playing The Grinch is GOLD. I gotta pay him a visit. It's holiday fun for everyone. If you want to take a family vacation this holiday season, Universal Studios is calling your name...so is The Grinch.

Merry Grinchmas to all!


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