Green Day have been busy lately. In addition to filling in for Jane’s Addiction at the Not So Silent Night gig in their native Nor Cal on Dec. 9, since Jane’s had to bail due to a severe illness that has befallen a member of Stephen Perkins’ family, the band also wished Metallica a happy 30th anniversary in the most creative of fashions. Forget a generic Hallmark greeting card or an e card. Green Day sent their fellow Nor Cal statesmen a musical video – a cover of the Misfits‘ ‘Hybrid Moments.’

First off, Jane’s canceled their appearance at the Holiday Havoc show on Wednesday (Dec. 7) show at the Joint in Las Vegas, and then pulled out of the Not So Silent Night show in Oakland. Since they were local, it made more than enough sense for Green Day to fill their vacated spot.

Now, as for that birthday greeting? The video opens with the text “Happy 30th birthday Metallica, <3 Green Day” on the screen, accompanied by squall of feedback. This black and white clip has a distinctly underground feel, with Billie Joe Armstrong buried beneath a hoodie and rocking some serious facial fuzz. At tail end song, he added quick rendition ‘Happy Birthday’ for ‘Tallica.

Some fans might ask why Green Day didn’t just cover a Metallica song. Well, that’d be too easy, now wouldn’t it? The band probably appreciated hearing someone cover one its favorite bands, as opposed to their own music, no?

Watch Green Day Pay Tribute to Metallica With Misfits

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