We all know and love the satellite views from Google Maps. I mean, who doesn't like zooming in on their own house to see how it looks from outer space?

Now you can check out what the cribs of our neighbors on other planets look like!

Google announced a fun update to their Google Maps that will allow you to virtually visit a dozen other planets and moons in our solar system. All total, they now feature imagery of sixteen celestial bodies.

It is worth noting that Google has long offered imagery of Mars and the Earth's Moon, however, these weren't directly accessible from the Maps interface.

Now the fun part -- How do you access it? Well, you simply either zoom out from your terrestrial Google Maps view until you hit outer space or just click this link.

And once you're done exploring all of the planets, you can make a quick stop at the International Space Station, which recently joined Google's Street View program.

Happy viewing!

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