Lots of exciting news to report on Misfits / Samhain / Danzig legend Glenn Danzig. The horror punk vocalist recently spoke about two different albums he's gearing up to release, along with a special track crafted for 'The Walking Dead.'

Glenn Danzig will close out Philip Anselmo's 2014 Housecore Horror Film Festival this weekend with an Oct. 26 performance mixing up Samhain and Danzig material. After the performance, Glenn Danzig is planning to finish off his 'Danzig Does Elvis' covers EP and begin work on a new Danzig record.

"We’re halfway done with it," Danzig tells the Examiner about his Elvis tribute record. "It’s just gonna be an EP like 7 or 8 songs. And once all this stuff is done…I’m probably gonna go back in the studio and start working on a new Danzig record too. So there’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline now that’s ready to get released." The Examiner reports that the Elvis tribute CD will arrive in March 2015, while Danzig's next studio album will drop in fall of 2015.

Later on in the interview, when Glenn was asked about his favorite horror movies, he actually chose to praise AMC's 'The Walking Dead' instead. "Like a year ago somebody turned me on to 'The Walking Dead,' which I only remembered as an indie comic back in the day y’know?" says Danzig. "So now I watch it all the time…I wrote a song for them and I think they’re going to use it on the soundtrack, or it’ll be on the show. Maybe I’ll go on 'Talking Dead,' which would be cool."

Danzig will also take the stage on Oct. 25 for Knotfest, which you can stream live right here at Loudwire. To watch Knotfest as it's happening, click here.

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