The Travel Channel, it was once the tv channel where folks like me got our fix of acerbic wit and arrogance with No Reservations from Anthony Bourdain and stomach-turning meal ideas from Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods. Now, at least to me anyway, the Travel Channel is less about travel in this world and more about travel in a paranormal world.

That's why I wasn't surprised to learn that on June 21st the television network will debut a new "ghost hunting" series. What did surprise me is where they are going to be looking for all of those ghosts.

Evidently, Morgan City and St. Mary Parish have more things hiding in their closets than our elected officials do. Fortunately for us, the new series "Ghosts of Morgan City" will help ferret those things that go bump in the night into the brighter light of day. Or at least the brighter light of low light filmed television shows.

The series will investigate paranormal claims from around Morgan City and St. Mary Parish. Those investigations will be spurred by "ghost" complaints chronicled by the Morgan City Police Department. The paranormal investigation team is made up of Louisiana ghost hunter Jereme Leonard, former FBI agent Ben Hansen, and psychic medium Sarah Lemos. 

Even if you don't believe in the subject matter it should still make for some compelling television as we're bound to get a glimpse of South Louisiana that most of us have never seen. You'll have to tell me how it all turns out. I don't do paranormal television very well. I spend a lot of time alone in the dark. I'd rather not give my already active imagination more fuel to put on that kind of fire.

But if you'd like to watch you can catch the show, Ghosts of Morgan City on Travel Channel beginning June 21st. The hour-long series debut is set to air at 8 pm.

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