If you drive-thru Mamou these days you may notice several pink toilets in the front yards of homes. This is a fundraiser to benefit the cancer center in Mamou.

Last year, the hospital pharmacy came up with this fundraiser to benefit the town's cancer center. If a pink toilet ends up on your front lawn in Mamou, or within the surrounding area, you have three options to have it removed from your property.

For $10 the the toilet can be taken off your property, with the chance of it returning, for $20 the person putting it in your front yard will bring it to a friend's house, or for $30 the toilet will be removed from your property and never brought back.

The money raised here helps those that can't afford treatments at the cancer center. In addition to that, the funds raised also go towards providing transportation to patients that may not otherwise be able to get to the facility.

Phyllis Soileau, of Mamou, tells me that there are currently seven toilets making their rounds in and around the small cajun town. This is only the second year they do this fundraiser in Mamou and the entire community seems to behind the cause.

Stories like this exemplifies one of the many beauties of small towns. Its people helping people. What a great fundraiser in my hometown and it makes me proud to call Mamou home.



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