Former New Orleans Saints Free Safety Malcolm Jenkins has kept a close friendship with newly signed Saints Linebacker James Laurinaitis since their college days.

Both Jenkins and Laurinaitis played college football at Ohio State, and have remained great friends. So much so that Laurinaitis was Malcolm Jenkins' best man in his wedding, and Jenkins was a groomsman in Laurinaitis' wedding.

When he asked Jenkins if he would like New Orleans, Jenkins' response was, "You're going to absolutely love the people, you're going to love the city and how it's intertwined with the football team."

Laurinaitis has a couple of other connections to New Orleans as well. Former Saints Linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar was a teammate of his in St. Louis. According to Laurinaitis, Dunbar had nothing but great things to say about New Orleans.

The other connection to New Orleans is one he probably won't bring up often. It's, now disgraced (at least in Saints fans eyes), former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Laurinaitis played for him in St. Louis in 2014 and 2015. Sean Payton's relationship with Williams isn't exactly the best.

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