We reported earlier today that ex-Korn drummer David Silveria was arrested in Huntington Beach, Calif. for being intoxicated behind the wheel on Sunday, March 25. Silveria now tells TMZ that the arrest was over sleeping pills and not drunk driving.

Silveria says he hadn’t been boozing it up the morning of March 25, especially after claims to have blown a 0.0 on the breathalyzer during his DUI arrest this week. He goes on to say that the cops arrested him after he told them he took a sleeping pill the night before.

According to TMZ, Silveria says he suffers from insomnia and took a sleeping pill Saturday night to help him sleep and when he woke up on Sunday morning, he didn’t realize he was still too exhausted to drive. That morning, he accidentally rear-ended another car on his way to breakfast. He concludes by saying he will take accountability for his actions. “It was an honest mistake,” says Silveria.

Silveria’s new band INFINIKA will drop its first single in less than a week, with their debut album ‘Echoes and Traces’ tentatively scheduled for release during the summer or fall of 2012.

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