Ex-Korn drummer David Silveria will get his day in court. The musician was arrested back in March and charged with DUI in Huntington Beach, Calif., but he’s maintained his innocence since the news made headlines.

At the time, Silveria claimed that he was not drunk driving, but his behavior was from the result of a sleeping pill he had taken. Police were called to the scene when the drummer rear-ended another vehicle.

The musician claims to have blown a 0.0 on the breathalyzer during his arrest, but police took him in after he admitted to taking a sleeping pill the night before to deal with his insomnia.

Silveria told TMZ that he didn’t realize upon waking up Sunday morning that he was still too exhausted to drive. “It was an honest mistake,” explained the drummer.

According to TMZ, Silveria entered a “not guilty” plea in an Orange County courtroom earlier this week, and will now receive a pretrial date in September.

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