2017. That's only FIVE years away!!! So, Ford is predicting that we'll have cars that take over driving when you're in a traffic jam, and therefore reduce your time by up to 37.5%! Find out more info and watch a video.

According to kurzweilai.net:

The technology concept, known as Traffic Jam Assist, uses adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and the sensors from its active park assist.
While driver safety is the primary benefit, the environment wins as well. If one in four cars has Traffic Jam Assist or similar self-driving technologies, travel times are reduced by 37.5% and delays are reduced by 20%. That’s because adaptive cruise control (ACC) is better at pacing the car ahead without continual brake, speed-up, brake cycles.
For Traffic Jam Assist to work, Ford says you need a limited access roadway with no bicyclists, pedestrians, or animals (that you care about), and well-marked lanes.
Here's a video about the new technology


Other companies are racing to get in on this technology as well. What do you think? Is this gonna work?


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