Foo Fighters are scheduled to perform live tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte before President Obama’s speech. Last night (Sept. 5), the band played a nearly four-hour concert for Rock the Vote, an organization formed to engage young people in the political process.

The Foos played a slew of hits including ‘Monkey Wrench,’ ‘Times Like These,’ ‘Learn to Fly,’ ‘All My Life,’ ‘The Pretender’ and ‘My Hero’ along with cover songs such as Tom Petty’s ‘Breakdown’ and the Who’s ‘Young Man Blues.’ They also dug deep into their catalog, resurrecting tracks like 1995′s ‘Winnebago.’ There wasn’t a lot of political talk by frontman Dave Grohl. According to 106.5 The End, Grohl only mentioned the cause toward the end of the show, did not endorse any candidate, but just encouraged people to voice their opinion.

The Fillmore is a much smaller venue than Foo Fighters usually play, holding less than 2,000 people. That allowed Grohl the freedom to make his way through the crowd and climb on the bar (watch below). He drank some beer and did some Jager shots with his bandmates and with the crowd. He won’t be doing that at the DNC tonight, with the President there and all.

Grohl also sported an Abba shirt at Thursday night’s concert, and talked about it during the show. He said, “Do you guys like my Abba shirt? My No. 1 goal in life is to write a song that’s as good as a f—king Abba song. …. I wish I could write songs like that. It would make it easy.”

Watch Dave Grohl Drink at the Bar in Charlotte
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