Just another reason to hate Dallas (besides their football team). Dallas now has a reeeeeal problem. Flying spider webs! It's not just the webs either. There's a bunch of little baby spiders in them! Ahhhhhh!!! Keep reading to learn more about why you should avoid Dallas.

Note: I'm really just messing around. Dallas is a nice place...but the flying spider webs are real!

From Inquisitr:

Dallas Zoo invertebrate keeper Tim Brys confirmed the horrifying reality of flying spider webs in Dallas, explaining why such a thing might happen and how a kind God could allow such a circumstance to continue:

“Often, in the fall you have baby spiders of various species that, something triggers them to hatch and then, directly after hatching, they’ll spread a long silk line out behind their abdomen. The wind catches that and lifts them into the air like a balloon.”

Brys adds:

“The process is actually called ‘ballooning’ and it helps spread them out… It helps cut down on competition because they’re being spread to different areas.”

So ballooning is a yearly thing — but Brys admits more flying spider webs than ever before are plaguing Dallas for reasons unknown:

“It happens every year, pretty much, but we normally don’t notice it as much as we have this year… What I’ve been told is the weather conditions have caused the ballooning spiders to not be able to balloon as far or as well, and that their lines are probably getting tangled up as they’re blowing.”

Brys said flying spider webs are “nothing to worry about,” since a ton of baby spiders hitting you square in the face all the time is apparently a totally tolerable circumstance to some people. Sweet dreams, Dallas! May we suggest an investment in ski masks and blowtorches?


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