How would you like to brush your teeth and have a lovely taste of chocolate all up in ya mouth? Cause that's what's about to happen! Theodent doesn't use fluoride either, but still claims to strengthen teeth and regenerate enamel. Keep reading to find out how it works.

From Inquisitr:

In the early 1980s, Doctor Tetsuo Nakamoto discovered a chemical substance in chocolate called Theobromine that could help improve your healthy smile. Since then, Nakamoto has worked to get a patent and put that chocolate based substance into a toothpaste.


The chocolate toothpaste is actually fluoride free and instead uses a substance called Rennou as Theodent’s active ingredient. Rennou works by helping to re-mineralize the surface of human teeth by increasing “unit crystals” to four times their normal size.

The company says that the chocolate flavored toothpaste is meant to appeal to kids, but to hell with that!  I want it!

Here's a commercial for it, too.