Desperate times call for desperate measures.

People in Florida are evacuating ahead of Hurrican Dorian and the few that are choosing to stay are hunkering down for the storm and preparing for the worst. One Florida woman has wrapped her home with plastic Visqueen-type sheets, securing them with sandbags and duct tape.

Brittany Vidal lives in Davis, FL and says that she's already been through two hurricanes (Matthew & Irma) and flooded both times. According to WAFB, she has considered raising her house on stilts but for now, the plastic is her only hope.

Hopefully our barricade will do something for us this year, but at least we can immediately start getting fans, get things going

Being from an area that experiences hurricanes and inclement weather on a fairly regular basis, it's easy for us to knock this lady and tell her how her contraption simply won't work, but instead, we should send her messages encouraging her to evacuate or give her better advice on storm preparation.

Authorities in Vidal's area have asked the 149,000 residents to evacuate, but she says she's "staying put."

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