Louisiana residents who want to travel to Florida for vacation might have a much easier time from now on. On Wednesday, June 3, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that most Florida counties will enter phase two of the state's reopening plan at midnight on Friday, June 5. According to ClickOrlando.com, here's what that means for vacation rentals: 'Vacation rentals have been allowed on a county-by-county basis with the governor’s approval. Although plans vary slightly, most call for anyone who is traveling internationally or from an area considered a COVID-19 hot spot to rent for at least two days and allowing 72 hours between guests checking in so units can be thoroughly cleaned.' Of course, Louisiana was designated as a hot spot, along with several other states, including New York.

We reached out locally to Travel Machine's Maegan Sonnier, who told us that they are ''waiting on official confirmation from individual counties that Louisiana residents are welcome to book vacation rentals in Florida during Phase Two reopening" Maegan said if you have questions about booking a vacation rental in the Panhandle, or anywhere else in Florida, you call call them at 1-800-683-9882.

Have some Louisiana residents been able to get through and sit out on their favorite Sunshine State beach? Yes, but there are also those who have had long standing reservations cancelled because of the COVID crisis. It is always best to check with the individuals, owners, or companies you made reservations with first, before you head out to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Several social media posts have been popping up aimed at welcoming Louisiana residents back to Florida, and you can see one below.








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