Unless you've been proactive and renewed your Louisiana fishing license in the past few weeks then your fishing license has expired. Louisiana fishing licenses always expire on the first of July. Since we have now flipped the calendar from June to July that means you could be fishing without a license. Even though you may not mean to you'd still be in violation of the law.

The good news about your Louisiana fishing license is that it is really easy to renew. You can even renew your license on your smartphone on the way to the lake this morning. All you have to do is visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website, use your major credit card, and you'll receive confirmation right on your phone.

The best thing about this electronic renewal process is that it makes getting the license easy and convenient. So, there really is no excuse for you not to have your proper documentation. Since we all have that one friend who never has his ducks in a row you won't have to wait in line at a marina or bait shop missing on the best fishing times waiting on your friend.

If you do plan on being on the water this weekend be advised that Operation Dry Water is in effect for the long holiday period. In other words, if you plan on drinking don't plan on operating a boat on Louisiana's waterways. Penalties for operating a boat while intoxicated are just as strenuous as they are for driving under the influence.



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