After one week, no one has brought in the winning custom lucky token! That means, YOU could have it, and win the "Trinity" ring.

There were 105 custom lucky tokens handed out at Patty In The Parc. One of those is the winning ticket! You have until Friday, March 31st to bring that ticket into Armentor Jewelers in Parc Lafayette to see if you're the winner.

If you do indeed have the right token, you’ll win this beautiful custom ring called the “Trinity.”

The “Trinity,” custom designed and manufactured of 14 karat yellow gold is three rings in one. Featuring topazes of London Blue, Rainforest Green and Golden Honey, simply give the band a spin to reflect your mood or wardrobe. Beautifully adorned with milgrain and scalloped edges, this one-of-a-kind, unique ring will become the favorite of your jewelry box.


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