Festival International has once again taken over downtown Lafayette and the question on everyone's mind is 'what's the weather forecast?'

From our weather partners at KATC, clouds are expected to hang around throughout the weekend, with an increased chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday at 30%. Highs should be in the lower 80s and lows in the evening should reach round 60.

With the chance of rain, it's a great idea to pack a small umbrella (and if it's sunny, you can re-purpose the umbrella for shade). Ponchos are also a good idea and are fairly easy to pack in case you need protection from the weather.

Rain or shine, Festival International de Louisiane is one of the best festivals in the world, being rated in a variety of publications. Be sure to purchase your festival pin which will help keep the festival a free event and download the festival app for your smart-phone


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