The father of missing Seacor Power crewmember Dylan Daspit appeared on a Facebook LIVE video this morning and he got very emotional when talking about the search for his son and others.

Scott Daspit is calling for additional resources in the search for his son and the additional crewmembers who are still missing in the gulf. Yesterday, the United Cajun Navy put a request out to those with shrimping vessels to assist in the search and recovery efforts.

As Mr. Daspit noted below, they need a miracle at this point, but they are hoping that some of the missing SEACOR crewmembers are up on or around vacant rigs in the gulf, thus that this why the search continues.

In the Facebook LIVE video, which you can watch below, Scott Daspit praised SEACOR's efforts in this tragedy but was critical of the performance and efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard.

There are still six crew members missing out at sea. We'll continue to follow this tragedy in the gulf and we ask that you keep the crew members and their families in your thoughts during this very difficult time.

If you'd like to donate to the search efforts, click HERE. 



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