When you were a kid, I'll bet your parents told you too much candy isn't good for you. Is the same true for cows? A lot of farmers don't seem to think so. The Independent reports, farmers in the US have been feeding their cattle defective skittles for a number of years. The use of corn in making ethanol fuels has driven prices up. Farmers are able to buy bulk quantities of the imperfect candy at cheap prices. The practice has been kept secret until recently , when a truckload of Skittles without the trademark "S" was spilled all over a Wisconsin highway. Questions have been raised about how this would affect the quality of beef, and milk. John Watson of United Livestock Commodities says the candy "actually has a higher ratio of fat [than] actually feeding them straight corn", and that it has "all the right nutrition". I had a steak last night, didn't "Taste the Rainbow."

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