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Famke Janssen, most famous for her role as Jean Grey in the X-Men movies and as Liam Neeson's wife/ex-wife in Took (Taken), was the victim of a very strange, disturbing, and down right creepy crime. She realized someone was in her house after she came home from a day out...keep reading to find out how creepy it really was.

From Inquisitr:

The crime? Well, that is not entirely clear just yet. Janssen was first alerted after returning to her apartment after a day out. Nothing was obviously out of place — except one thing.

Sources at TMZ say that Janssen found a children’s book, named “The Lonely Doll,” in her home. She says she’s never owned the book and finding it immediately alerted the actress to a possible intruder. No doubt Famke Janssen was disturbed by the discovery, and understandably contacted police quickly.

Sources say that no other evidence of an intruder has been found — no signs of forced entry or any other items misplaced or stolen. New York City police are currently investigating the report, calling it a burglary.

Janssen says that no one but her would have had access to her home — making the whole situation quite unnerving.

But what of the children’s book? “The Lonely Doll” is a short book dating back to 1957, filled with odd black and white photographs of dolls in posed positions. The photos follow along with a children’s story about a doll and a teddy bear which fall in love. Cute right? Well, perhaps for a child, but the passage where the dolls promise each other to stay together forever may have seemed more creepy than charming for Famke Janssen.


Somebody better call Liam Neeson before she get TOOK!!!

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