The Golden State Warriors are in a heated battle with the Boston Celtics for the NBA Finals. The Finals have been star-studded and the arenas have been packed. However, one person has been banned from the Golden State Warriors arena the Chase Center. And that person is none other than Fake Klay.

Now I know you may be thinking who is Fake Klay. A YouTuber by the name of Dawson Gurley is Fake Klay. The reason why he is named that is due to his uncanny resemblance to Warriors guard Klay Thompson. Fake Klay was a folk hero during the original Golden State run and is now banned for life.

However, Fake Klay was banned because he tricked Chase Center security into entering the arena and even shot some jumpers on the court. The Chase Center confirmed the ban on Tuesday.

Look I think this is downright hilarious. However, to ban the man is a little much. It is not his fault that the security mistook him for Klay Thompson. I hope that one day this ban gets lifted and Fake Klay can be seen again supporting the Golden State Warriors.

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