An app has been made that allows you to click on Facebook friends you would 'bang' without their knowledge...unless they too click on YOU. Then it'll let you both know that you want to 'bang' each other. Yes, the 'Bang With Friends' app is a real thing, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Keep reading for more details.

From Inquisitr:

Just in case the icons and images aren’t enough to convince you, “Bang With Friends” is an app that cuts out the awkward middle man and gets Facebook friends right to the pleasure of the flesh, putting friends who wouldn’t mind having sex with each other into contact.


It works like this: You scroll through your Facebook friends list and click “down to bang” on anyone you’d “bump uglies” with. That user will never know unless he or she also click “down to bang” on you. Then you both get emails that reveal your sinful intentions to each other. From there, it’s on you to follow through.
And does anyone else think it’s hilarious that the contact email for “Bang With Friends” is Suddenly everything makes perfect sense. This app was created by a 7th grader.


Wait...I can't tell if that last part is a joke or not. Did a GD 7th grader really create this app???