Your energy bill does not have to be unpredictable. Attic Ventilation is important to have in your home for regulating temperature and moisture. During the summer, heat can build up in the attic causing your air conditioner to run more often to maintain a cool temperature in the home. This results in higher energy use and bills. Ventilation also prevents excess moisture from accumulating in insulation and other building materials in the attic, reducing the possibility of mold and deterioration.

An Energy Star-certified ceiling fan uses dramatically less power than air conditioning units. Installing fans throughout your home can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler, allowing you to turn your A/C to a higher temperature without causing you to feel uncomfortable. And not only can you install them inside your home, but installing one on your patio can make gatherings far more comfortable with a little extra air circulation.

Smart Thermostats help you monitor and control your home’s largest energy user – your air conditioning – by allowing you to connect your thermostat to the Internet where you can monitor and control it remotely from a website or smartphone app. This can give you the potential to reduce A/C use when no one is home. With proper use, smart thermostats can reduce your energy bill by maintaining better control over when your cooling and heating system is running by eliminating unnecessary use.

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