Sun Belt media days came to an end yesterday and there was a lot of great discussions that happened with Ragin’ Cajun players, head coach, and Athletic Director. If you missed any of the action and great content on the Cajuns then don’t worry, because here is you're media day recap.

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First, Let’s begin with the Cajuns new head coach Michael Desormeaux. After four great seasons under Billy Napier, many fans are wondering what the Cajuns are going to like under new management. This is what coach Des had to say about what Cajun fans can expect.

He piggy backed off of that by saying he still wants to keep that aggressive mentality that Napier built with the team. Coach Desormeaux believes that mentality and the shrugging off the group of five title comes from tough out of conference scheduling. This is what he had to say about non-conference scheduling.

There has also been a lot of talk about all the player turn over that the Cajuns will experience this season. There was a lot of key players that either used up all of their eligibility or hit the transfer portal. Many Cajuns’ players in the locker room knowledge the loss of some key guys, but still believe they have a lot of young talent to get the job done. Chris Smith and Andre Jones had this to say.

Coach Des, Jones, and Smith all took the stage to answer some media questions. Here is the extended Ragin’ Cajuns presser.

With the program reaching heights it had never seen with Napier, Cajun Field saw a resurgence in its fan attendance. Athletic Director Dr. Bryan Maggard believes the program can not only maintain its fan attendance but also grow and continue to pack Cajun Field.

Dr. Maggard also believes that the Sun Belt will only add more excitement and buzz around the program. The Sun Belt got a lot bigger this off-season as the conference would add four new teams. JMU, Southern Miss, ODU, and Marshall have all officially joined the Sun Belt this season and look to add some interesting matchups to an already tough conference. Here is what Dr. Maggard had to say on the Sun Belt’s growth.

Speaking of the Sun Belt adding new things, check out this amazing trophy that is awarded to the conference’s MVP.

I mean come on! You can’t get much better than that. The Cajuns open the season against a sneaky good Southeastern team on September 3, at Cajun Field.

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