Senator Maureen Walsh really bit off more than she could chew.

In case you missed it, Washington Senator Maureen Walsh made headlines for her comments on nurses who "play cards all day" while discussing Washington State's mandatory overtime bill. Catch up with that original story and video here.

A nurse by the name of Dave Mattox took to Facebook to deliver an epic response that has been shared over 30,000 times over the weekend.

Mattox used Walsh's own words about "cards" against her in a masterful takedown of her poorly thought out claim against an industry of medical professionals.

Yes, I heard Senator Maureen Walsh’s comment about “nurses playing cards while working”. I gotta be honest, as a nurse I think it’s time we take responsibility for this comment. You see, it’s our fault she thought this, have you ever seen a nurses “poker face”? It’s one of a kind. So of course Maureen Walsh has to assume you only get a poker face that good by playing cards all the time.

So Maureen please let me clear this up for you. We didn’t get this poker face by playing cards, but we did get it by the hands we were dealt. Oh the damn hands we have been dealt. Sometimes we are dealt a lifeless baby, blue with no pulse. Mom is in panic. As extreme as this may sound, don’t worry Maureen we have been dealt this hand before, and guess what? We use our poker face and we look mom right in the eyes and we say “we will take care of your baby”.

Sometimes the hands we are dealt are not as fast paced but damn do they hurt. Sometimes we are dealt the hand of lung Xray results of a beautiful teenage cancer patient who was hoping they were getting better and this was just a cold, hell pneumonia would even do. Unfortunately, it’s not, the cancer has spread and we as nurses know it isn’t our place to tell her. So we pull the only wild card we got; we bluff…and we bluff so damn hard. We laugh, we joke with her, and we get her comfortable for the night because we know how the cards are going to fall.

I don’t blame you for your comment Maureen because its really our own fault. Our poker face is just that damn good. But here’s the best secret of all about nurses; if you or your loved one are ever dealt a life or death emergency and all hope is gone…you have prayed every prayer you can think of…and our chances of winning the pot is slim…..NURSES DON’T FOLD. WE MAY NOT WIN EVERY HAND BUT YOU BETTER BELIEVE WE WILL PLAY EVERY DAMN CARD WE HAVE UP OUR SLEEVES.


Walsh has since apologized for her words saying that she was "tired" when she said what she said about nurses, but many of them aren't buying it. I think anyone who knows a nurse or medical assistant is aware of just how much they work and what they handle on a daily basis.

We love our nurses, and believe me when I say they'll #NEVERFOLD

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