Many times contracts in sports have little bonuses and incentives within the structure of them that not many of us know about. Specific NFL players may need to reach a certain number of receptions, touchdown passes, snaps played, rushing yards, passing yards, etc.

This past Sunday was Week 17 and there were many players who were within shouting distance of receiving a nice little New Years' bonus with a certain amount of production and yes they all knew just how close they were.


We'll start with New Orleans Saints wideout Emmanuel Sanders who has been a very welcomed addition to this team especially with the amount of time Michael Thomas has missed due to injuries.

Sanders entered Sunday's game with 52 receptions and needed eight more catches in the game against the Carolina Panthers to reach his magically money number of 60. Sanders ended up with nine catches and because of that he earned a bonus of $500K and everyone certainly knew it.


Coming into the game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills Parker needed four catches for 73 yards in order to hit his contract bonus being 60 receptions for 750 yards. He exceeded those parameters with seven grabs for 116 yards which meant he earned an extra $750K.


Floyd needed just half of a sack in the Los Angeles Rams game against the Arizona Cardinals to earn an extra $1.25M for this season which would give him 10 sacks on the year and of course he got it.


The late addition to the Tampa Bay Bucs needed a big game of 11 catches to hit a contract incentive of his and with a little help from his buddy Tom Brady he was able to earn an extra $250K. However, Tampa Bay also needed to make the playoffs and they secured the five seed after yesterday's win.


The little known Seattle wide receiver had a shorter bar to hit on the final day of the NFL's regular season of just 35 total receptions for the year. Through most of the game, Moore was held without a catch until the final 22 seconds of the game when instead of kneeling on the ball quarterback Russell Wilson decided to help his buddy out by calling a jet-sweep pop pass to him in order to secure that 35th catch.


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