As residents of Louisiana sweat out the Summer months, customers of an electricity company in New Orleans recently went to the City Council to voice their frustrations. One customer's gripes in particular have gotten many on social media reacting and looking for answers.

"I got new windows, I keep my blinds closed... I want it to be dark and cool in my house."


City Council members in New Orleans recently heard the frustrations of Entergy customers who are fed up over high electricity bills.

No punches were pulled by the angry customers who showed up to the New Orleans City Council meeting on Tuesday morning, especially by one elderly resident who has had enough.


The woman described how her desire to live in comfort while at home should not result in such a high energy bill.

"$400-something dollars for a dog-gone electric bill on a small, 1,300 square feet house", the woman exclaimed to the council members.


Her frustrations were evident in the clip that has many reacting on social media.

New Orleans Resident Voices Frustrations Over High Energy Bill to City Council

See the moment via @wdsu on Twitter below.

Many online are letting it be known how their electricity bills have changed this summer.

Some pointed out that customers are still feeling the effects of a past hurricane on their monthly bills.

Others called out the electric company directly in hopes of answers.

What does Entergy New Orleans have to say about high bills?

@EntergyNewOrleans has shared information on Twitter regarding ways to conserve energy which you can find below.

While the information provided gives tips such as getting a new thermostat that is easy to adjust both at home and when away, changing home light bulbs to more energy efficient options, etc. - the truth of it all is that people are very particular about the temperature of their homes.

Just see what our community had to say about the absolute highest temperature they would leave their home A/C on at night here. Some commenters had responses as low as 60° with others saying they have their air conditioners set as high as 80°.

Why does humidity make people sweat more?
Koldunova Anna // Shutterstock

With New Orleans coming in as the 4th sweatiest city in the country, and Baton Rouge barely inching it out for 3rd place, it goes without saying - Summers in the "Sportsman's Paradise" are hot.

While electric companies may be charging more during the summer months simply because people are using up more energy to keep their houses cool, other factors such as hurricane charges should be considered.

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Has your energy bill reached new heights this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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