If you haven't noticed one of America's favorite past times in the age of social media is playing the "gotcha game". It does seem as if around every corner there is someone somewhere who is looking to make a fast buck off of someone else's misfortune.

There could be those of a litigious mindset that sees the coronavirus pandemic as such an opportunity. However, thanks to legislation signed yesterday, that financial windfall will not be funded on the backs of Louisiana's restaurant and hospitality industry.

Governor John Bel Edwards signed legislation yesterday that would protect restaurants from liability when it comes to the coronavirus. At least as far as food preparation and food service are involved. The new law protects facilities that offer in house dining, takeout or drive-thru service, and delivery services as well.

Goodness knows our state's restaurant industry has taken it on the chin and in the pocketbook during these pandemic times. Now, as the state is opening the economy up more and more, the protection of health must be weighed against the protection for businesses that serve the public.

This legislation does offer exceptions in the event of negligence on the part of the foodservice establishment. That negligence would have to be determined by a judge before legal proceedings would move forward. At least, that appears to be the spirit of the law.


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