Just when we received word as to the release date of EA Sports UFC, we learned that the most iconic and influential martial artist of all time has been added to the game's hard-hitting roster.

Ultimate Fighting Championship and Electronic Arts have announced that Bruce Lee will be making his debut in the Octagon ring once EA Sports UFC launches on June 17. Anyone who pre-orders EA Sports UFC can get day-one access to Bruce instantly or can complete Sports UFC's career mode under the Pro difficulty in order to unlock him. Bruce Lee can be used across four different weight classes and is an amazing addition to the roster that we were never expecting.

UFC president Dana White calls Lee "the father of mixed martial arts" based on how Lee trained, how he fought and Lee's fundamental idea that the perfect fighting style was to have no singular style -- that you must take a little bit from multiple disciplines in order to properly apply what works and become the best, which is what MMA is largely based on.

Nevertheless, we can't wait to see how Lee's free-flowing form of Jeet Kune Do will do in the ring. EA Sports UFC will be opening the gates to the Octagon on June 17 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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