[UPDATE] The UFC has spoken about what will happen in the UFC 274 pay-per-view if either contestant wins.

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Charles Oliveira was stripped of his UFC Lightweight title today after not making weight for his fight against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274.

The weigh-ins for UFC 274 happened earlier today (5/6), with Gaethje making weight at 155 lbs., and Oliveira coming in at 155.5 lbs.

He had one hour to lose that half a pound. With five minutes to go, Justin Gaethje showed just how much weight can be gained in less than an hour.



Oliveira did not make weight within the hour. Therefore, he was stripped of his title, and it is now vacated. On top of that, the fight will still go on as scheduled, however, the only person that can win the title is Justin Gaethje. Oliveira cannot re-obtain the title from this fight.

Lafayette's own Dustin Poirier, who lost a title bout to Oliveira in December, had one thing to say about it.



Poirier was then asked if this changes the outcome of the fight in his mind.



Poirier has been bulking up to move up a weight class. So, when he was asked if he would be able to make weight and fight Gaethje for the title by tomorrow, Poirier had a funny response to that as well.



To say that this is unprecedented is an understatement. Plenty of people have questions. Like, what is Oliveira fighting for? Does he become Interim Champion, or become the number one contender again? I guess we'll find out within the next day or so.

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