We've all had one of those days. You know the kind of a day where you imbibe a little too much and then get into a tussle with an inanimate object.

Wait, you don't do that?

Okay most of us don't do that unless we've been drinking and that's what Slidell Police are saying about the man you see pictured in the video.

That's Steve Mortrud and that is a statue of a pelican that used to adorn the front of a Slidell business. That was until Mortrud "went to scrapping" with the statue and broke it. To make matters worse, Mortrud actually returned to the scene of the crime later in the day and kicked the head of the broken statue down the street.

Mortrud was arrested and charged after the owner of the statue featured the video on social media. Mortrud is facing a charge of simple criminal damage worth over $500. The statue is actually valued at over $1,400 which includes what the owner paid to a children's charity to display the bird outside his store. The owner, Chris Emerson, also paid to have the statue painted and placed on a pedestal.

Emerson says he hopes to have the statue repaired but at this time it's unclear if the damage is too great for that to be accomplished.

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