Could he be the biggest red zone threat in New Orleans?

Unfortunately, Zion Williamson is on OTHER professional New Orleans team NOT named the Saints—but ever since we got word Zion could potentially land in New Orleans, the idea of him putting on black & gold to snag passes from Drew has definitely crossed the minds of most New Orleans sports fans.

Yesterday, Drew mentioned that Zion would be part of today's Saints quarterback challenge—a fun and friendly training camp competition between the Saints QBs that Drew Brees has had in place for years now.

We even saw Zion accepting the challenge from Drew on social media.

Now, we have Zion catching passes from the GOAT in the flesh. Drew even commented on the video suggesting that Williamson is the ideal "Red Zone Target."

It's not too likely that the Pelicans will ever let that happen, but if you wanted to see it happening, this is what it looks like.

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