Less than 24 hours after the New Orleans Saints traded tight end Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Drew Brees posted a picture on his twitter account to express his thoughts on the move.


Brees' youngest child, daughter Rylen, is being hugged by a big brother Brees in a Graham t-shirt.

Yesterday, Brees told Alex Flanagan of the NFL Network, "I'm as shocked as everyone else. I love the guy", in response to the Graham trade.

Some are suggesting Brees' tweet was a sign of his anger toward the organization. I don't read it that way.

My take is Brees' picture coupled with his statement is a sign that Brees is sad his friend will be elsewhere, a normal and human reaction. As Brees noted, he loved the guy, and now his friend is playing for the Seahawks.

What do you think? Aside from the "awwww" response you probably had when you saw this picture, do you feel like there's something more to this?


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